To Much Crap

No mater what I do, how much work I get done, there is always more! Tomorrow I have 2 doctors appointment starting at 8:30 and going through probably noon. After that I have a client meeting at 1 then I think I can finally go to work, but I need to run right back out to the bank! I am also expecting at some point tomorrow to get another call from a client asking me to go over there stuff yet again. My day will end up consisting of about 3 hours of actual work and the rest is just stuff thrown in.

On a side note, I made a page that is so 1995 its not even funny. Its still vary much a work in progress tho, I wanted to get the technical aspects out of the way first before I start really designing it.

ps. I really need to figure out if this site is slow as shit because my webhost is still having issues or I have a bad WP setting.